Download the Workshop and DVD review by Ray Ruby, DO, FAAO

Download a review of the Introductory Course held at the European School of Osteopathy, February 27-29, 2016, by Dr. Jean Marie AT Beuckels, DO.

Download a testimonial from Daniel Kirsch, PhD, on his experience as a patient being treated with Still Exaggeration Technique for gastroparesis.

"I knew as soon as I was sitting there listening that this course would change how I practiced forever. Mind you, I was no slouch beforehand,  but the time I spend manipulating has been cut in half. The results of treatment have been dramatically altered too, I have a more solid treatment endpoint. Other practitioners will know what I mean when I tell you there is a difference between feeling something that has been treated and feeling something "gone". I have been able to reliably produce "gone" in some of my most chronic patients: it's life changing for them. What you and Jerry are teaching is fundamentally life changing. Every Osteopath should have these techniques in their toolbox. And, can I just say, Jerry Dickey is a treasure trove of Osteopathic history: he seriously needs to have a special on the History channel or a documentary... something! I feel privileged to be a custodian of the knowledge he imparted."

James Sullivan D.O.

"As a physician (M.D. trained) practicing in the area of Internal Medicine, I am increasingly caring for an aging population of patients.  I have come to realize that periodically pain medications cannot be solely utilized.  I began researching alternate modalities to provide patients with pain relief.  I participated in Dr. Dickey's course and have been genuinely impressed with the results.  The manipulation procedures administered to my classmates (including myself), and volunteers were useful.  As soon as I returned to my outpatient practice, I began to immediately utilize what I had learned.  It has been an absolute success.  A comment I received from a patient of mine with longstanding shoulder  and neck pain was, "you have magic hands, and you are a healer."  Another comment immediately received after a session for chronic neck pain was, " Wow, I haven't been able to turn my neck like this in years."  At that point, I knew my practice of medicine would be changed forever. 

Vita M. Vaughn, M. D. 

"I was already wowed in the course treating participants and being treated by Dr. Slicho for chronic shoulder issues.  Then today, the first day back in practice, I applied the total lower extremity exaggeration with a twist of restrictive barrier challenging on an older woman who had been walking on her toes for twelve years because of a severe flexion deformity of the right femur from premature pin removal.  Within seconds, her entire leg released allowing her to extend it and without the usual tension and was able to walk on her entire foot!  This all in the wake of other approaches that did not yield results as dramatic and as quickly.  Thanks Dr. Dickey!"

Anthony Capobianco, D. O.

"Dr. Jerry Dickey has an encyclopedic knowledge of Dr. Still, Osteopathic history, and early graduates. I would recommend you drop everything to go to this course. It will be an experience you will get no where else! I have been a student of his for over 30 years."

Richard Koss, DO

"Last weekend's Still Exaggeration Technique CPD filled the gaps between GOT, MET, BLT, cranial technique and articulation, demonstrating a precise, measured way to cause articular realignment without the use of HVT and reinforcing the genius of A.T. Still.  Delegates left with new understandings and techniques to release somatic dysfunction using these classical approaches.  Comments like "gold dust" and "pearls of brilliance" were bandied around by delegates between 2 to over 30 years' experience.  Dr. Dickey's direct teaching approach was balanced against the generosity of his assistants and the brilliance of Christian Fossum, DO.  They couldn't have been more complimentary about the ability of the multi-national delegation, repeatedly acknowledging our superior placatory skills."

Charles Bruford, DO

Principal, European School of Osteopathy

"Your knowledge with the facts and events of Still’s Exaggeration techniques, his life, and the people you have with you to teach the course;  everything is  in tune with your vision. As a class we felt very privileged to have you in Halifax, Canada.  This course has made me grow very much as an osteopath, and I am  grateful for all that you have  maintained from the teaching of A.T. Still. You do make him alive through all that you relate from your research."

Johanne Lavergne, D.O (M.P.)